VMA Method

Join the method that has been tested and proven successful and it will give you the step-by-step guide to achieving your goals year after year.

Turn procrastination into action, lack of direction into focus, and insecurity into self-confidence, and achieve great results in your career without leaving your life behind. 


At some point, you must have asked yourself about:

If you identified with any of these questions, know that you are about to embark on a journey that will transform your life.

So let’s explore together the answers that will change you and take your life to a new level of meaning and achievements.


If you feel tired of:

Or if you want:

And above all, for you who want to make this year the BEST YEAR of your LIFE so far.

This training is for you!


From this, you need to define where you need to get year after year, to achieve your life goals.


Vision beyond reach:

Knowing why your goals are important and relevant is the first step to a life of achievements. VMA connects you with your deepest life desires so that you always have motivation.

Focused Goals:

Based on that, you need to define where you want to be in the period of 1 year within your goals, that is, to set specific goals that will guide your efforts and serve as criteria for success. VMA creates a control structure that ensures that your energy and focus will not be lost along the way. 

Structured Actions

Without action, your goals are worthless. With VMA, you will know how to establish a routine to define and evaluate the actions you will take to achieve your goals. This will give you confidence in the journey and generate movement that will prevent you from stagnating again.

The VMA is more than a method; it’s an invitation to a life of achievements, purpose, action, and real results.

Resultados Comprovados

O VMA transformou a minha vida e está transformando a de diversas outras pessoas também.

Veja o que alguns de nossos alunos têm a dizer:

O VMA é mais do que um método; é um convite para uma vida de conquistas, propósito, ação e resultados reais.


VMA is a lifestyle proved to launch your potential

VMA Method


Start your transformation

In this module, you will understand the transformation process, you will be guided through a journey of self-responsibility and self-assessment. Change begins with you. Additionally, you need clarity on what needs to change to set priorities in key areas: relationships, health, personal projects, career, and finances.


Vision for life

In this one, you will define your goals by creating a vision for your life, literally an image to help you see how you want your life to be in the future. The question is simple but powerful: “What can’t I afford to miss out on and experience in life?” This will connect you with your deepest motivations. Be intentional in your journey and eliminate future regrets.


Goals and Action

It’s time to chart your destiny! Set specific goals for your year, and then establish the actions you will take to progress towards your goals. This module transforms aspirations into a tangible and achievable plan, the P.E.R. (Plan of Exponential Results). Break the inertia and step out of your comfort zone!


Adjustments, Reevaluation, Adaptation, and Support

In this one, you will learn to customize the tools to align perfectly with your individual characteristics. Additionally, you will establish a routine to review your “battle plan” to stay steadfast towards your goals throughout the 365 days of the year.


Mind Codes

Learn to reprogram your mind, breaking limiting beliefs that sabotage your growth. This unique integration of personal development with mental reprogramming is an unprecedented advantage.

Get the tools to identify sabotaging thoughts and transform them into empowering beliefs.


Time to fly!

You will be challenged to do something radical to finish up this entire process of building a life with purpose and clear objectives! In addition to being encouraged to aim high, you will learn a bit about my story and the cause of my greatest transformation!



Access to “Perfect Day” Masterclass

An extraordinary year is made of 365 extraordinary days. Learn to organize and plan your daily activities so that, day after day, you achieve significant results.


Whatsapp Community

Stay connected, share knowledge, exchange experiences, and clarify your doubts in real time.

Important: The community will be available for a period of 1 year from the date of your purchase.


Adding up the training and all the gifts I’ve prepared for you, I could easily charge over R$ 1,200.00, but that’s not my goal. In this launch, all of this is available for: 497


No risks, no worries 

You have 15 days from the date of purchase to request a full refund, no questions or restrictions. If the experience or results do not meet your expectations, just a simple email, and your investment will be refunded, no complications.


I am a dynamic entrepreneur with extensive experience in project management and leading large teams.

The combined revenue of the businesses and projects I have founded surpasses the 200 million reais mark.

I hold a degree in Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Paraná and a postgraduate degree in Project Management from ISAE/FGV. Throughout my successful business journey, I have founded several ventures in the fields of civil construction, real estate development, food, and technology.

In 2019, my journey took me to California, USA, where I furthered my studies in leadership, behavior analysis, and change. I was mentored by experts in the field and during this time, obtained international certification as a coach from the Professional Coaches Alliance.

I am a high-performance leader, extremely encouraging and motivating, as well as a natural strategist and solver of complex problems. I am recognized for my ability to unlock the potential within people.

Today, I work as a coach, mentor, and consultant both in one-on-one and group formats, focusing on leaders and executives.

Together, let’s unlock your potential and pave the way for your success!


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a system of theoretical foundations and tools that helps you discover which goals are important to you, define goals to achieve them, and then the necessary actions to get there. Additionally, the method revolves around mental reprogramming to eliminate limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs.

You will find the complete step-by-step of the VMA method, including both the theoretical foundations and practical lessons on how to use and apply it in your life. There are over 100 short, straight-to-the-point lessons for you to quickly watch between the breaks in your daily activities, anywhere.

For 1 year. After this period, you will receive an email informing you about the renewal of the charge if you want to have access for another 1 year.

Increased focus, productivity, self-confidence, sense of purpose, satisfaction, and control over life, motivation and enthusiasm to carry out your daily activities, greater ease in dealing with life’s ups and downs, more joy, hope, security, and peace with your present and future. Decreasing your fears in general, much less anxiety and procrastination.

Yes, this training combines knowledge from neuroscience, behavioral analysis, positive psychology, cognitive principles of human beings, and management, with Henri’s practical business and personal experience, which has already provided him with significant results.

Credit card, PIX, bank slip, PayPal, Google Pay, among others. If needed, you can split the purchase between two different cards.

Yes, we offer installment options up to 12 months.

The payment will be processed by the partner platform Hotmart, a world-leading market leader.

This training is unique! It contains the 3 key elements of personal transformation: guidance, community, and consistency. Trainings and courses available in the market usually do not encompass one or more of these points. Additionally, it stands out for its unique approach with the unprecedented integration of mental reprogramming and the ability to adapt to the reality and individuality of each person, thus providing a more effective, profound, and lasting transformation.

Você terá acesso a um suporte ativo via Grupo de WhatsApp, e-mail e comentários na plataforma de ensino.

You will have access to active support via WhatsApp Group, email, and comments on the learning platform.

The training is designed to fit your schedule and is structured clearly and gradually. The classes are recorded, allowing you to adjust your study time according to your availability. Additionally, our active support and the WhatsApp community will be available to clarify doubts, offer support, and provide guidance. Moreover, you will establish a journey partner to walk the path with you, which will help you stay focused during the training period.

This training has a scientific basis derived from neuroscience, behavioral analysis, positive psychology, cognitive principles of human beings, and administration.


If you have any questions, we have a team ready to answer any inquiries on WhatsApp. Just click the button below and reach out to us.

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